Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cornflake Crunchies

Baked these the third time and am much happier with the results. The cornflakes are coarsely crushed which makes the biscuit crunchier. Also placed cherry bit on each biscuit to add color to it. To show my satisfaction, took a picture of the biscuits with these origami goldfish which I have just learned from here.

Cornflake Crunchies (21 Jan 2010)

First time baking this and first biscuit baked for the upcoming Chinese New Year. A little challenging as haven't been baking biscuit for such a long time. The first tray was slightly overbaked. The second and third tray turnout good and crispy but think it would be better if the cornflakes were not too fine. The recipe did said crushed coarsely (mistake... mistake...). Will give it a second try and see how it goes. This is the third recipe tried from Biscuit Code by Florence Tan and am looking forward to try more recipes from this book.


PerutBesi said...

Hello from PerutBesi! Thank u for dropping by my site :) It's lovely to see the origami fishes once again...seems like years since I last made them :) Do drop by my current site (not using Wordpress already). I'll link u to my blog & u'll get to interact with other foodies as well! Oh ya, yummy-looking cookies u have there...may i try some?? :D Haha...Cheers!

- Ruth@PerutBesi

shy kitchen said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for dropping by and linking me to your blog too. Interesting blog you have with great food adventure.

Want to try some of the cookies? Of course you can but how ah??? Hmmm.... PJ? I do go there at least once a week :-)