Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Almond Crisps

After baking the cornflake crunchies which uses 2 egg yolks, made these almond crisps where only egg whites are required. Thanks to Blessed Homemaker for sharing the recipe. During the first trial, had difficuities removing the cookies from the baking paper so decided to use greased aluminum foil instead for the second time and here's the result. The children love these very much.

Recipe adapted from Blessed Homemaker (made slight changes):

2 egg whites
50 g castor sugar
50 g plain flour, sifted
Almond flakes

1. Line a baking tray with greased aluminum foil.
2. Add sugar to egg white, stir to mix and dissolve sugar.
3. Add sifted flour to mix. Mixture should be creamy.
4. Pour the mixture onto the prepared tray and using the back of a spoon, spread it out thinly.
5. Lay almond flakes in a single layer onto the mixture.
6. Bake in preheated oven 180 C for 12 - 15 mins or golden brown.
7. Remove to cool slightly outside the oven before removing cookie from the aluminum foil.
8. Break the cookies into random pieces.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cornflake Crunchies

Baked these the third time and am much happier with the results. The cornflakes are coarsely crushed which makes the biscuit crunchier. Also placed cherry bit on each biscuit to add color to it. To show my satisfaction, took a picture of the biscuits with these origami goldfish which I have just learned from here.

Cornflake Crunchies (21 Jan 2010)

First time baking this and first biscuit baked for the upcoming Chinese New Year. A little challenging as haven't been baking biscuit for such a long time. The first tray was slightly overbaked. The second and third tray turnout good and crispy but think it would be better if the cornflakes were not too fine. The recipe did said crushed coarsely (mistake... mistake...). Will give it a second try and see how it goes. This is the third recipe tried from Biscuit Code by Florence Tan and am looking forward to try more recipes from this book.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simple Pizza Bread

Did simple pizza bread for the family for breakfast and made each one uniquely for them. The ingredients used were tomato sauce, ham (shredded), capsicum (red pepper), shredded cheddar cheese and bread.
Blue - Hubby's pizza was with sliced ham (instead of shredded) and cheese. Capsicum is a no-no for him. Later, hubby requested for another one without the tomato sauce. He just love it simple.
Pink - Daughter's favourite color. For her, tomato sauce is a must and added the ham and cheese. Just like her father, capsicum is a no-no too.
Green - My son eats everything but only place a few slices of capsicum for him. There you see his little hand ......
Yellow - For myself, everything and lots of capsicum.

Simple breakfast but eveyone enjoyed it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

2 whole chicken legs, deboned

Seasoning ingredients
1 tbsp Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp premium oyster sauce
1 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp pepper
4 shallots, blended and squeezed for juice
¼ tsp chicken stock granules

Sauce ingredients
2 tbsp black pepper sauce
2 tbsp Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp sugar
¼ tsp coarsely ground black pepper
4-5 tbsp water

Marinate chicken with seasoning ingredients for several hours, preferably overnight in the refrigerator. Heat up oil and place the chicken on the pan. When the chicken is cooked, remove and place on individual serving plates. Add the remaining seasoning ingredients and the sauce ingredients to the pan and cook briefly to a boil. Dish up or pour on the chicken.