Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simple Pizza Bread

Did simple pizza bread for the family for breakfast and made each one uniquely for them. The ingredients used were tomato sauce, ham (shredded), capsicum (red pepper), shredded cheddar cheese and bread.
Blue - Hubby's pizza was with sliced ham (instead of shredded) and cheese. Capsicum is a no-no for him. Later, hubby requested for another one without the tomato sauce. He just love it simple.
Pink - Daughter's favourite color. For her, tomato sauce is a must and added the ham and cheese. Just like her father, capsicum is a no-no too.
Green - My son eats everything but only place a few slices of capsicum for him. There you see his little hand ......
Yellow - For myself, everything and lots of capsicum.

Simple breakfast but eveyone enjoyed it.

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