Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steamed Chicken Rice

Heard from many that chicken rice is easy to prepare so decided to try when I spotted the recipe. The method goes like this: Rub salt and sesame oil on the chicken and steam it for 30 minutes. Sound simple? After the chicken was cooked, realize there's a problem "I do not know how to cut a steamed chicken!" (eventhough it was only half a chicken). Asked help from my maid and she said "Maam, I don't know, maam". Oops! So I know that I have no choice but to just try. There I went "Yee Hah" a few times and the half chicken was finally chopped up. My hubby was surprise to see my new trial and took a picture of it. Presentation? Trying hard to make it looks appetizing :-).
The chicken tasted alright with the sauce. Ingredients for the sauce: Chicken stock (from the steamed chicken), sesame oil, soya sauce and dark soya sauce. For the rice, it doesn't turn out so good. Used butter and garlic. It tasted just like normal white rice. Skipped the chili preparation although knowing it will give a "kick" to the overall meal. Will try again .......



Pete said...

Wooo, I love steamed chicken rice, yummy!
You can add some screwpine leaves to make the rice aroma nicer.

Panda Q said...

Thanks for the good tip, Pete.

wendyywy said...

Use the chicken broth to cook rice, plus a little bit of ginger.

If u add a little bit of sugar to ur sauce, it'll taste even better.

shy kitchen said...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for visiting my blog and the tips given. Will give it a try.